I am absolutely devastated. I think I need to stop supporting teams since any I touch tend to fail. First Green's bumble and now this? Imminent mass weepage. I've been supporting Spain since I was a wee one, back in '98 during the days of Raul. They captured my heart completely in South Korea/Japan in 2002; their moves were fluid, their games exciting, and they had a hunger about them - one that was decidedly lacking last night. Sure they were technically decent, sure their possession was off the charts but there was no drive, no energy. They were a pale, lacklustre shadow of what I (and most people) had hoped to see. Whether it was complacency or just another case of the Spanish Jinx, I've no clue, but regardless, I am utterly, bitterly disappointed.

This whole World Cup's been decidedly mediocre so far though. Nothing's stood out apart from the North Korea v Brazil game which was a bit brilliant really. Totally backing N. Korea after watching their show, fantastic stuff. For a side to keep fighting, and push attacks to hit a goal in the 89th minute despite being 2 down .. that's what this game should be about. It's depressing to see how scarce that mentality is within these supposed top teams. Brazil just cocks about half the time, Argentina is strong but not consistent, England, France and Portugal are lacking any coherency to their play and now this! 

Never thought I'd say this but thank god for North Korea for keeping the spirit alive.

Hoping this is only due to it being early days but only time will tell ...


But that is a rant for another day :x

[EDIT/UPDATE: SPAIN MOTHERFUCKING WON. My hard on is YAY big. 12 Years of support and my team have now become double winners - holders of the Euro and World Cup. My happiness cannot be quantified. Also I fucking love Oktopus Paul and his wee little magic tentacles. What a G.]

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