In lieu of my impending state of unemployment, I have decided to take up a hobby. My long absence from my usual haunt of East LDN dictates that I have missed being surrounded by the fantastically fashionable douche-baggery of the Shoreditch crowd. Therefore to inject a little bit of home into my surroundings I have decided to get into the 3rd most pretentious field ever - just below "Art" and "Film": Photography.

... Actually to be brutally honest, all three are probably interchangeable on the scale of wankishness, this was just the easiest considering I don't have the patience for the other two :x

And so I have sent out my orders for these two babies:

Ultra Wide & Slim

Golden Half 

Both are by Superheadz, a Japanese toy camera company who are making the most adorable point and shooters on the block. I'm actually pretty impatient to get my hands on these, the photos that come out of these two are actually a little bit ace really, as can be seen at the Ultra Wide & Slim Flickr Group and Golden Half Flickr Group

More importantly;

Retro photos + Kitsch look + Made in Japan
= Suitably Pretentious Hobby Extraordinaire 

I am satisfied 



I've been obsessed with this video forever. Now that I'm back on this thing, it's only fair I share this with whatever sorry folk stumble on my little corner of the web.

HE'S ON A HORSE! Pure fucking Genius.

I miss...

... my 12 year old boy legs. Puberty is starting to hit at the ripe old age of 22 and I find myself growing hips and thighs. This is disconcerting business. Wandering around le interweb I stumbled upon this which made me feel incredibly nostalgic for my former figure:

I want my non-existent thighs back :( 


Because I haven't written anything for ages and because French waifs are awesome:

♥ ♥