Nouvelle Annee

Bringing in the New Year was EPIC times due to:
1) the lovely company
2) being back in my city
3) lo*kee a bloody fantastic collective/record label that throw stupid fantastic parties. I am baffled and depressed to know it has taken me this long to find out about them.

[Image from their Lo*kee Loves... ]

The collective only seem to have one set up which is a shame, it's much more chill than what they played but still lovely enough.

Enjoy Bruv.

Sebastian Voigt DJ Set June by ilovelokee


WTF. This song. My ears. Gah. 

Egbert - Open (Cocoon Recordings) by Egbert

Much thank to MattKirk for pointing it my way. ♥ 

It's Business Time

Yeah I fucking fail at updating this thing, but just for my own reference (and your amusement) an interesting article from the archives on how the porn industry pioneered a number of internet tech commonly used today.

Also because I like pretty pictures (and it seems vaguely on topic):

[Image from AWfanzine, originally from The New Erotic Photography]