I am so utterly obsessed with this song. Jai Paul, on the off chance that you stumble onto this: you are a bit fucking brilliant really and your EP needs to come out NOW. Find more of his stuff (and d/l this beautiful track) here.

The great thing is that when I was trying to find out more tunes by this Landan boy, I managed to stumbled onto another gem: 

dippedindollars - a fantastic music rec site by Chief and Danger who also come up with some pretty sick mixes. Cause I know roughly jack all about music, I fear I can't provide a suitably deep description on what genre their stuff falls in apart from Fuckin A. 

Stumbling on this treasure trove has been super pleasing, specially as I've been horrendously backward on all things musically related since I left LDN. 

(Hello my city! I miss you.)

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