Delirious Ramble #1

Ill Ill Ill as a dog. So thought it'd be good to stop being a lazy cunt and post on this thing again. Got down with some upper respiratory tract bollocks this weekend (someday I will be fit and healthy ... this day is obviously not today) and so have spent the past few days wallowing in bed feeling sorry for myself while hacking out bits of little green things from my lungs which may or may not hold sentient qualities. Have also spent the whole time catching up on TV, or more specifically the first two seasons of Lie to Me, which is a vaguely mediocre run-of-the-mill show that has captured my attention due to two things:

1) Its vaguely interesting premise that looks at decoding human emotions through facial expressions

2) Tim Roth.

Since the first starts to get quite repetitive as the series goes on I think this can be narrowed down to one thing:

1) Tim-motherfucking-Roth

This man's been an all time favourite actor of mine, specially after creating one of the most lovely films I've seen, The Legend of 1900 - where he plays some poor old sod that refuses to get off his boat (the plot is undoubtedly more layered and complex and beautiful than that but right now my head hurts too much to think)

Tim Roth on his boat with some guy wearing HATS. 

I forgot how much I loved him until I stumbled over this show (on a sidenote how obsessed are the yanks with the brits these recent years? Hugh Laurie in House, Ricky Gervais, Russell Brand and Simon Pegg in various movies while Estelle, Amy Winehouse and Jay Sean nick the music front, and now Tim Roth... I am hoping this obsession lasts for when I traverse stateside since hopefully my transatlantic accent will cause legions of men/women/small household animals/inanimate objects to generally worship me :x) 

Ramblings aside, watching Tim Roth being the snarky little bastard that he is made me think of another snarky bastard who I adore - John Constantine. Which got me thinking, some big hollywood media mogul should definitely do a proper Hellblazer film starring Mr Tim Roth as Mr John Constantine:

I mean seriously, they're both English, they both smoke and most importantly, they're both absolute wankers. It would be AMAZING. (unlike that hollywood tripe with Keanu bloody Reeves that I refuse to watch EVER) 

So please big hollywood media mogul man. If you happen to stumble on this blog, make this happen yes? :x

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