Muzak and Sheeeet.

I am a bit ridiculously in love with miss Eliot Sumner. A couple of people have already pointed out that her music sounds very similar to early Police, which isn't too much of a surprise considering she happens to be baby-Sting herself. I've always been an absolute wench for low gravelly voices and if you clickety click on this or this, it's plain to see that this lady fits the bill to a T.

Course it doesn't hurt that she's a little bit stunning really.

Pretty gutted I missed seeing her live while I was in the big smoke... almost as much as I regret missing the XX. I know, I know, they've been touted all over the shop from every publication known to man as "THE NEXT BIG THING", which is vaguely annoying since I'm always wary of bands that are. However just listen to this or this and I'll be surprised if you don't join the herd on this one. Their voices are absolutely stunning, and the stuff they're able to do with such minimal sound is frankly astounding. I've heard a couple of people say they're bland but I'd just argue that their sound system isn't good enough to hear how epic the production is. 

In other news of tune-age, been strongly into techno since the Berlin trip. It's fascinating, if you told me three years ago I'd be in love with dance music I'd have called you fool (this actually happened, cheers Si). After three years in London though, I have been happily proven wrong and now the most played list on my ipod's probably the ostbahnhof podcast. I'm not quite sure what this goes under, progressive techno? Minimal techno? Some shite like that. All I refer to it as is fucking good music.

Berlin was fabulous for that though, we went out most nights and every single time the music was fantastic. One thing that I adored about it was the atmosphere since everyone who went out was there for the music. Not to get laid, not to get wasted and not to be seen. It was heaven.  I miss that dearly about London too, sure you get your typical shite posh places but you also had absolute gems like the Notting Hill Arts Club and Barden's Boudoir. It's just granted that people who frequent places for reasons other than to utilise them as public forums to compare penis sizes are made of WIN.

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